• dsu2019@df.uba.ar
  • 15-19 July 2019

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    DSU 2019

    The 15th international conference on the "Dark Side of the Universe 2019" will be held at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Dark Side of the Universe (DSU) conferences bring together a wide range of theorists and experimentalists to discuss ideas on models of the dark side, and relate them to current and future experiments.

    Topics covered include dark matter, dark energy, cosmic rays, neutrino physics, cosmology, early universe phenomenology and physics beyond the standard model.

DSU 2019

Local Organizing Committe

Daniel E. LOPEZ-Fogliani (df - IFIBA, UBA & CONICET)

Cecilia Scannapieco (df - IFIBA, UBA & CONICET)

Diana López Nacir (df - IFIBA, UBA & CONICET)

Ricardo Piegaia (df - IFIBA, UBA & CONICET)

Gustavo Otero y Garzón (df - IFIBA, UBA & CONICET)

Darío Rodrigues (df - IFIBA, UBA & CONICET)



DSU 2019

Scientific Secretaries

Andres Daniel Perez (df - IFIBA, UBA & CONICET)

DSU 2019

Steering Committe

Pyungwon Ko (KIAS, South Korea)

Carlos Muñoz (IFT UAM-CSIC, Spain)

Shaaban Khalil (Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt)

Keith Olive (Minnesota University, USA)

Csaba Balazs (Monash University, Australia)

David Delepine (Guanajuato University, Mexico)

Qaisar Shafi (Delaware University, USA)

Yu-Feng Zhou (KITPC/ITP-CAS, China)

Christiane Frigerio Martins (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil)

Paolo Salucci (SISSA, Italy)

Peter Dunsby (Cape Town University, South Africa)

Fumihiro Takayama (YITP, Japan)

Joern Kersten (Bergen University, Norway)

Yann Mambrini (LPT Orsay, France)

Genevieve Belanger (LAPTh, France)